Ruchir Agarwal

Short Bio: Ruchir Agarwal is an M-RCBG Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Global Talent Network and Global Talent Lab

He worked at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for over a decade before that. He has also been a Senior Advisor to the G20 Finance Health Task Force and an Executive Fellow at the Yale School of Management. During the pandemic, he created and implemented the $50 billion IMF Pandemic Plan as the Head of the IMF Global Health & Pandemic Response Task Force. His expertise spans advanced economies and emerging markets, and he holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.

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Address: Washington, DC; Cambridge, MA


Email: ruchir@agarwal.org

Talent Initiatives

Global Talent Lab

A research center dedicated to understanding how talent fuels innovation, scientific breakthroughs, and drives
global progress.

Global Talent Network

A non-profit initiative committed to discovering, nurturing, and empowering math and science talent from every part of the globe.

The BIG Program

A scholarship program linking exceptional high-school students worldwide with top-tier universities, paving the way for future leaders in science, math, and AI.